ICCA membership is open for any Indonesia citizen who holds Bachelor of Law from education institution in Indonesia and works at a company in Indonesia with duty to provide legal advice to the company. Currently, ICCA members are in-house lawyers from more than 50 companies.


ICCA’s vision focuses on:

  • Creating a strong and dynamic network of like- minded professionals to provide better opportunities, resources, information and best practice for professional development;
  • Promoting and helping ICCA members to deliver highest quality of professional services efficiently, so they can raise their profile as part of in-house legal counsel community in Indonesia through events such as seminars, workshop, conferences and periodic information updates;
  • Influencing the practice of law in Indonesia by strengthen the position of corporate in-house legal counsels in providing more realistic and practicable inputs to the government through sufficient communication without offering decision-makers any material benefits or considerations of any kind which may in contrary with the applicable laws and regulations; and
  • Anticipating and understanding the needs of in-house corporate legal counsels in Indonesia.


ICCA’s mission is to become a premier Indonesian corporate in-house legal counsel association that prioritizes the common professional and business interests of in-house legal counsel, by facilitating knowledge, information sharing, education, networking opportunities and advocacy initiatives for corporate in-house legal counsel community.


ICCA will focus on two main programs. The first is to provide opportunities for continual learning and maintaining and upgrading the skills of its members. The association hopes to achieve this through a series of seminars delivered by senior in-house lawyers from the ICCA itself, as well as respected external legal counsels. Secondly, it will also establish and enhance networking between its members both socially and through electronic means, which will eventually result in a regular electronic circular and a dedicated website.

The association has been holding monthly seminars and discussions for members. The topics of these activities are designed to keep members informed of changes and developments in the relevant law and to facilitate the improvement of professional skills.

Working Groups

There are 9 working groups under ICCA. Each group is coordinated by ICCA member(s) and observed by ICCA executive. These working groups are as follows:

  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods & Pharmaceutical
  • Financial Services
  • Information Technology & Digital
  • Corporate & Capital Market
  • Energy & Natural Resources
  • Ethics & Compliance
  • Employment & Dispute Resolution
  • Competition
  • Intellectual Property Rights

Board of Executives

  • President : Seradesy Sumardy, S.H. (PT LOreal Indonesia)
  • Vice President I : Randi Ikhlas Sardoni, SH, M.Si, AIIS, CPLHI, ALMI (PT Alami Teknologi Sharia)
  • Vice President II : Widia Hutagaol, SH (PT Beiersdorf Indonesia)
  • Secretary : Anggi Wijaya, SH (PT LOreal Indonesia)
  • Deputy Secretary : Muhammad Rezafajri, S.H. (Hukumonline)
  • Treasurer : Johanes April Candra, S.H. (PT Toyota-Astra Motor)
  • Deputy Treasurer : Barahunni Astia S, SH (PT Federal International Finance)
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